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Reweaving the Witch Wound

The energy that I feel surging through me as the days grow longer, the earth awakens, the plants begin to push up through dark soil, the sap in the trees rises. I feel this witchy energy, and it asks me to engage with the wild. I want to get raw and open myself to the wild/wise/witch woman archetype. I want to hold ceremony around fires, with the stars pouring their healing light upon us, the wind tangling our hair, singing to the Grandmother moon, feeling my feet rooted with Earth, my soul listening to the ancient teachings of the ancestors.

This urge to dig down deep flies into the past as I cast my intent, to connect with my ancient ancestors healing the Matrilineal bloodline. This work entangles with the witch wound, the wound that our grandmother's mothers, mothers, mothers, mothers, mothers have carried for thousands of years. It's time to release, restore, reclaim and reweave the old stories that we hold energetically as an imprint in our cosmic consciousness.

The Witch wound encompasses so much more than the burning of nine million women in Europe over about 200 years. It started before that with colonization and the removal/slaughter of indigenous peoples all over the world. It came hand in hand with the advent of capitalism. The church's intent on eradicating ethnic traditions and the earth worshipping pagans. The Witch wound was a planned genocide from the elite, from the top down. The fear mongering was not from the voices of the common folk, as these land-based cultures, lived life in harmony with the Earth, using her plant medicines, the movement of the heavenly bodies to inform and to build a deep, meaningful relationship with the web of life. It was a master plan that unfolded over thousands of years, and our present-day society is a product of it.

The Witch wound manifests in many different forms, it shows up in many ways, the main aspects that define it can be described as...

~A feeling of separateness, like you, are alone, disconnected from the web of life.

~A profound disconnect from your cultural lineage, heritage, and ancient wisdom ways

~Oppression of your personal power and sovereignty

~Suppression of emotional expression

~A primal fear of speaking your truth

~A Fear of being seen, shining your light

~Lack of belief in your intuitive abilities and capacity to sense subtle energies

~A mistrust of and acceptance of help from others

The witch wound divides us, it keeps us in a state of fear, it keeps us from singing our soul song, from shining our light, from speaking our truths, from being connected with the web of life. Our lives lack a deep sense of purpose and meaning. Healing the witch wound is a continuous journey, its so huge that we must slowly and diligently develop, our awareness of it, untangling the weave and reweaving a new story. To reconcile this wounding will liberate humanity from the tyranny that still persists in our day to day lives.

I have been walking this path for many moons, there is so much more to learn, and I would like to offer a sacred space to you my sisters to begin this work too...

During the circle we will explore the energy of the witch/wise/wild woman archetype past and present – Can you feel the witch energy rising within the collective consciousness?

There will be some reading, ritual, and sacred ceremony homework between circles~we will discuss the history of witch hunts in Europe as connected to the colonization, the disempowering of women, the body, the earth, and pagan cultures, dismantling of economic systems predating capitalism, the eradication of our ancient ancestor wisdom.

We will unearth how the witch wound pattern of disharmony is present within the layers of our individual beings (mind, body, spirit, heart) and how it shows up within our society.

We will explore ways of tending this wound through holistic practices rooted in ancient wisdom and multiple healing modalities to release, restore, reclaim, and reweave our being.

The first circle will focus on RELEASE~ we will go deep into our ancestor roots, discovering the origins of our ancient ancestors. Healing, reconnecting with this wisdom. Releasing fear and trauma patterns, identifying what aspect of the witch wound is most active in your being, initiating shadow work, and more.

Wherever you are on your path, you are welcome to join this circle. No experience is necessary. You will be fully supported and guided. If you are “called” you will know. Once you’ve said “yes” the healing will begin in your own unique way.

All of Creation is available and excited to support you in this process!

With so much LOVE and LIGHT



My Dearest Wise Teacher Lara Vesta

Max Dashu

Silvia Federici Caliban and the Witch

Portia Richardson Tending the Witch Wound

Danielle Dulsky Holy Wild Bible

Sharon Blackie If women Rose Rooted

Art Credit Unknown~ love and gratitude for your work

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