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Healing the menstrual cycle

Updated: Jan 10, 2019


I have witnessed the healing power of Homeopathy to treat menstrual cycles that were completely debilitating mentally, emotionally & physically. Homeopathy has been a miracle for women with fertility issues. Its been the catalyst to shift stuck energy and transform women that have been sexually abused. I compliment this work by also teaching regular "Womb Awakening~Wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle Workshop" These teachings are life changing for so many women. The new knowledge and understanding gained from these workshops has healed many, many women. Feel free to send me an email if you would like to know more or book a session.

For this blog post, I will focus on the issue of disordered menstrual cycles, its a huge issue and the allopathic (medical) doctors only offerings are pain relief medications, hormone treatments, anti-depressants, hysterectomy & ablation of the uterine lining. These offerings by the medical establishment do nothing to address the root cause of why the menstrual cycle is so out of balance for many women.

The menstrual cycle is a delicate dance, a pattern, a hormonal signature unique to each of us. Sadly today many women have no idea what occurs inside their bodies during each monthly cycle.

 A new menstrual cycle starts when a women begins to bleed, the period usually lasts from 3-5 days but this can be longer or shorter with some women spotting before and after. The whole cycle usually lasts 28 days but some women bleed every 24 days and for others every 40 days. Trying to make all cycles be "one size fits all" is part of this problem, we are all different and so are our cycles. The key is, understanding your own delicate gorgeous dance of hormones and aligning with it spiritually. This is the essence of what you learn to do in my workshop "Wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle." 

The cycle starts with the hypothalmus & pituitary gland (located in the brain) sending a hormone message through the blood stream. This message finally reaches the ovaries at the top of the uterus which tells the ovaries to grow about 12 eggs, whilst these eggs grow, estrogen is produced. During this first part of the cycle the estrogen tells the body to

add a fresh layer of blood to the uterus

make the cervix soft, open & high

to make mucus that can keep sperm alive

to keep the temperature cool.

The uterus is muscle composed of many blood vessels called spiral arteries, which form the richest capillary plexus in the entire body. Like a waxing moon our wombs at this point are secreting nutritive hormones, the vessel of our womb is truly becoming the chalice or cauldron of creation, anticipating the elixirs of male and female that may come together to create life during ovulation.

On or around day 14, ovulation occurs, when an egg is ripe it breaks out of its shell, the flower like petals at the top of the Fallopian tube holds the ripened egg and pass it into the fallopian tube for possible fertilization~this is ovulation. The egg will live in the tube for 12-24 hours, the vaginal sensation can be very wet, the mucus will be very slippery with lots of "spin" when felt between two fingers.

After ovulation, the empty shell that held the ripe egg starts to make progesterone. Progesterone makes the new bloody lining in your uterus like a sponge. It dries up the your mucus, it warms your body temperature, makes the cervix firm, closed and low in the vagina. If you are not pregnant then the shell dies about two weeks after ovulation, and a new cycle begins, and your wise blood returns. 

It not rocket science to comprehend how the pill, diet, environmental toxins, & mental health issues can have a profound impact on this delicate cycle. 

The contraceptive pill and other forms of hormonal birth control disrupt our natural cycle. The contraceptive pill overrides our own unique hormonal balance, we become the chemical signature of the pill, our body is tricked into thinking its pregnant month after month. Many women report weight gain, low libido, skin outbreaks, no periods, or very heavy periods, spotting, breast tenderness, headaches, nausea, aches/pains, a higher risk of thrombosis (blood clots) to name a few.

A diet that is high is carbs, red meat, sugar, caffeine, and processed foods, does not allow the body to naturally cleanse during the "bleed" this eventually leads to the body producing very heavy/painful periods in order to try and detox effectively.

Environmental toxins such as heavy metals, hormones in the water supply & pesticides can also impact our health negatively and this is seen particularly in a disordered menstrual cycle. Other overlooked environmental factors such as artificial light and the onslaught of Wifi we’re exposed to on a daily basis have disrupted our circadian rhythms and have compromised our hormonal health too. So sleeping in a pitch black room with no electronics is very important for circadian rhythms. 

In the US 1 in 5 women are on anti-depressants, many due to severe PMS. These drugs bring with them many side effects that can impact the menstrual cycle negatively. Thankfully with education and menstrual cycle awareness much can be done to help heal this disconnection to the self and what is happening within.

Homeopathy was developed in Germany over 200 years ago by physician and translator Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that encourages the body to rebalance itself. It is safe, gentle and non-invasive, as well as effective in treating a variety of mental, emotional and physical complaints. Treatment with Classical Homeopathy involves taking a detailed case history encompassing your chief health concerns, an overview of all body systems, and the health history of your family. Based on the information gathered, a single homeopathic remedy is selected specifically for you, intended to stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Where I suspect that allopathic medications, pollutants or other sensitivities may be responsible for a menstrual cycle that is out of balance, I use Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT). HDT uses the energy of allopathic medicines in homeopathic potencies in order to treat patients who suffer from side effects of allopathic medication. This treatment in conjunction with intercurrent homeopathic remedies restores harmony to the body on all levels, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Here is a short synopsis of a few homeopathic remedies frequently prescribed to help regulate and balance the Menstrual cycle.

The remedies that follow should always be taken under the guidance of a professional Homeopath.

Calcarea Carbonica is a wonderful remedy for women’s issues. It is indicated in cases of profuse menstruation. The menstrual cycle is typically abnormal, often coming on too early and lasting too long. PMS symptoms typically include fatigue, weight gain, water retention, and tender breasts. Often feelings of being overwhelmed and/or anxious will accompany the physical symptoms. 

Chamomilla is useful in cases where pain seems unbearable. Patients requiring Chamomilla are likely to be angry, curse, irritable and sensitive to the extreme. The menstrual flow itself is typically heavy, and the blood may look dark or clotted. The pain, often described as labour-like, can extend from the pelvic region to the thighs, and may be worse at night or with use of a heating pad. 

Colocynthis types may experience cramping focused in the ovarian region or throughout the pelvis. Pains are of a sharp, cutting nature, causing the sufferer to double over and clutch their abdomen. The woman feels restless from the pain, however lying down and applying hard pressure and warmth on the abdomen provides temporary relief. 

Lachesis is fiery, intense and sensual, desperately needing an outlet. Women who suffer acutely from premenstrual discomfort, but feel much better once the flow is established, may benefit from this remedy. Other guiding symptoms include flushes of heat, headache, increased sex drive, left sided complaints, palpitations and an inability to tolerate tight clothing around the neck or waist.

Lycopodium types crave sweets. Symptoms include late periods which are profuse and last too long. Excessive gas and bloating with a painful, distended abdomen. There is likely to be a tendency to ailments affecting the right side of the body. Any PMS usually will disappear as soon as the flow begins.

Natrum Muriaticum, is often prescribed for menstrual problems accompanied by headache or migraines. Head pain tends to be of a bursting, hammering, blinding nature. Natrum personalities are generally private and reserved, and can be easily offended over trivial matters which they dwell upon. 

Pulsatilla often has delayed, scanty irregular cyclesPatients requiring this remedy are generally thirstless, and aggravated by getting too warm or being in a stuffy room. Pulsatilla’s moods can be described as changeable, like the weather. She desires sympathy and attention and is often emotionally sensitive. 

Sepia is one of the more frequently prescribed remedies in cases of menstrual irregularities. Women requiring Sepia are irritable, indifferent and disconnected. Those close to her are likely to be on the receiving end of harsh, cutting words. The menstrual cycle is accompanied by a sense of weight, dragging or heaviness in the vagina, pelvis or lower back. Prior to menstruation, women may experience weepiness, irritability, or depression, along with a sense of dealing with too many demands of life and a desire to be left alone. They nearly always better for exercise, especially dancing.


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ART CREDITS <Blessings to the Artists> I could not find the original sources online. All images from Pinterest

This website is for educational purposes only, It is not a substitute for medical care by a qualified MD.

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