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Autumnal Offerings

It's the time of year to begin the rooting into the depths of ourselves. During these next months the sap within the trees begins to flow downwards into the root systems. When the earth is covered in a blanket of white and it appears all is still, the tree roots are in fact growing, making their way deeper into the depths of the earth. We are nature and it's important that we mirror her ways within ourselves. The dark months are an invitation to do some deep inner work.

During this descent into the darkness, the cosy nesting time of winter, I will be continuing to undergo my Druidry training, its slow going but I am finding it deeply enriching. I will also be teaching a variety of classes. The sistership circles will also begin again monthly. If there is enough interest for an online circle I may consider offering one, so let me know.

As the veil thins between this world and the next, the ancestors magic is potent. They crave us to honour them with ancestral worship. We have been disconnected from this part of our culture. In many parts of the world, ancestral honouring is an integral part of day to day life.

Undertaking ancestral healing is a beautiful offering, not only for your ancestors, but also yourself, and to those who will come after you. To connect with your ancestors and receive the teachings they have for you, is deeply enriching. Feelings, inklings, hunches since you were a child suddenly click, its a humbling and beautiful experience. To also understand the ancestral trauma and how you carry this wounding, opens up a deep understanding of what's required to free yourself from this old story. Ancestral healing sessions, can take place in person or online, if you'd like to know more, I'm happy to schedule a 10 min chat so I can explain the process in more detail.


Upcoming Classes

Reiki level 1 Oct 9th 10am details can be found here .

Reiki II Sunday Oct 23rd 10am details here

Oct 30th Samhain Shamanic journey workshop details here

Myth & Moon Sistership circle begins Oct 16th 5-9pm

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