Each person is unique and so is the way we experience dis-ease. When a person becomes ill, it is the whole that is sick: body, mind, spirit. The body manifests symptoms of illness but it is not the origin of the illness. The origin of illness lies in an imbalance of the vital force, also known as chi, prana, life-force, or mana. The symptoms expressed by the body, mind, and spirit are the manifestation of that imbalance. By matching the symptoms of illness with the appropriate homeopathic remedy, the vital force returns to balance. The symptoms disappear as the person heals themselves. With homeopathy, we do this by looking at all aspects of a person’s life plus their disease symptoms together as one complex unit. With true healing, the root of the problem is dealt with first; then those symptoms are no longer needed by your body and they fade away.With good homeopathic treatment, most people feel a greater sense of well being and happiness. Because homeopathic care goes much deeper than most types of treatment, changes in life-long problems, both physical and emotional, have also been reported.

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