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Remedy Instructions

Remedy Guidance

Administration of Homeopathic Remedies


  • Use a teaspoon to get remedies out of the packet.

  • Keep any extra pills safe, do not take them. I often give a few extra due to spillages

  • Discard the pill if dropped 

  • Make sure you have a clean mouth, do not eat or drink/ clean teeth for 15 mins either side of remedy. Except for water

  • Keep the remedies out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat or cold, wifi, cell phones etc

 AVOID THE USE OF COFFEE, MINT, CAMPHOR, EUCALYPTUS, and MENTHOLATED products as they can antidote the action of the remedy


Preparation of LM potencies

1. Put a very small amount of vodka or brandy into the bottom of a 200ml amber or blue bottle/jar (this acts as a preservative), and top up with 200ml of distilled water, drop the tiny pill into the container. If you cannot find an amber or blue bottle, keep your remedy in a brown paper bag out of sunlight.

Make sure you have a clean mouth, do not eat or drink for 15 mins either side of taking the remedy.

Bang the bottle on your hand firmly the prescribed amount of times, do this before each dose.

  1. Take a teaspoon and a glass and use this each day for your remedy. Take 1 tsp of remedy from the jar and place in the glass with a small amount of distilled water.

  2. Drink mindfully. Do this each morning and each night.

  3. If you forget your remedy do not worry about it, there is no need to make up for

    forgetting to take it.

  4. If your symptoms disappear, please do not continue taking the remedy. Call me for

    advice on what to do next.

  5. Keep the remedies out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat or cold, wifi,

    cell phones, etc.

    Call or Text with Any Questions or Concerns.

note: AVOID THE USE OF COFFEE, MINT, CAMPHOR, EUCALYPTUS and MENTHOLATED products as they can antidote the action of the remedy.


Homeopathic Detox Therapy Guidance

How To Take Your Remedies

  1. Your remedies are taken in the following potency order 30c, 200c, 1M, 10M

  2. Take the remedies at weekly intervals (or as prescribed) at bedtime in a small glass of distilled water.

  3. If you react (see below), please get in touch as we will need to repeat the potency you reacted to at weekly intervals until there is no further reaction, only then should you move onto the next potency.

  4. Keep me updated with any reactions, changes etc. Perhaps consider keeping a journal.


Three responses to detox and what they mean.


Some of your problematic symptoms improve during the 6-8 week course and you see some detox signs:

  • Typically detox signs last 2-5 days out of an 6-8 week course

  • As a general guide, they begin at 30c and peak at 200c.

  • Increased need for sleep and rest: When your body starts healing it will prioritize sleep

    and rest more than activity.

  • Fever: Don’t suppress with Tylenol/Calpol etc. Use homeopathy if the fever lasts longer

    than 24 hours or rises over 39.9C/104F.

  • Skin Rashes

  • Sweating: increased & or smelly. Wash, wash, wash. Don’t suppress with antiperspirants.

    Toxins are coming out!

  • Nose & ear discharges.

  • Coughing and phlegm.

  • Stool changes: more open, looser, smelly, etc.

  • Urine: more, dark, smelly, etc. Sometimes bedwetting in children.

  • Mild ‘flu’, cold or sore throat symptoms.

  • emotional ‘discharges’: transient sadness, weeping, anger, anxieties, aggravation of

    obsessions, rigid behaviour and/or temporary return of autistic traits.

  • Return of old symptoms: old symptoms may return and be healed if they

    were suppressed with medication like antibiotics or steroids. Sometimes they will pass quickly [Homeopaths call this an ‘echo’], sometimes another remedy will be needed to resolve them. Avoid antibiotics and make an acute appointment.


    No reaction to the detox remedy in 6-8 weeks and no sign of detox or improvement

  • If the substance you are detoxing clearly was the beginning of your problems, this

    indicates you lack the energy to detox due to adrenal fatigue or illness. You may need

    adrenal support before continuing.

  • Sometimes the body needs support to detox due to adrenal fatigue

    and liver weakness. You will probably need adrenal and liver support before restarting.

  • The detox substance was not the cause of your problems.


    Strong detox symptoms but no improvement in 6-8 weeks.

• This indicates the detox is needed but the body is unable to detox.

  • Something is blocking the detox: constipation, another medication needs detoxing first, the organs need more support before they can detox the body.

  • There is no problem with taking a break. You can start again after supporting the organs or resolving constipation, etc.

  • The detox symptoms should go away of their own accord after stopping the detox.

    Give your detox a helping hand

  • Eat foods rich in vitamin C, zinc, selenium & magnesium + B6 to help absorption of

    magnesium. [Often referred to as orthomolecular therapy].

  • Bath with a tablespoon of Epsom salts [magnesium sulfate] every few days or footbath

    every evening.

  • Eat ‘alkaline’ foods.....Google it but it basically means Fruit, Veggies, Nuts, Beans

    (Legumes), Grass-fed or Organic meats.....NO PROCESSED FOODS

  • Get LOTS of rest and sleep.

    If detox or remedy reactions are too strong

  • If you are concerned or have questions, email me.

  • If the reactions are manageable, wait 24 hours.

  • If symptoms get worse after 24 hours I’ll ask you to make a dilution as follows:

Other causes of reactions during a detox course:
You may catch a virus during the detox course and this could be the reason for the reactions.

You’ll usually know if there is something going around with similar symptoms.

  • Please let me know

  • We can treat this with homeopathy if it gets troublesome. Meanwhile, the virus attacks

    cells that are already weakened and the body clears them as discharges. It’s a very

    detoxifying process.

  • It is best to take a break from the detox if you have a virus [leave your body’s energy for

    fighting the virus].

  • The detox can be restarted where you left off when you are feeling better.

Note to Eczema Patients Detoxing steroid medications + side effects.

Where steroids have been used we work to detox the steroid medications with homeopathic detox remedies. This is usually done by using a homeopathic version of the steroid medicines that have been used in the past.
This can really improve eczema strangely enough because steroid medication suppresses eczema but it also seems to maintain it in some way, making for a vicious cycle of eczema flares. Sometimes eczema flares are a withdrawal effect from weaning off steroid medications themselves and will settle with time.

Managing Eczema Flares.

We try to do this without the use of steroid medications.
We can use Stellaria cream [USA] or CHICKWEED to soothe eczema without suppressing it. It doesn’t make eczema disappear, but it can help it feel more bearable. Use it as and when needed. It shouldn’t sting and can be used on open skin too.
There are many good websites showing how to soothe eczema, but avoid sulfur based creams, general herbal creams & combination homeopathic remedies [or homeopathic remedies not prescribed for the individual]. All of these have the potential to suppress eczema [make it disappear] and cause the deeper condition to return.
On occasion, the eczema is so severe that the patient needs to use a small amount of steroid cream diluted in a large amount of base cream. We tweak the proportions until the condition is livable, reducing the steroid ratio as the condition improves and gradually weaning off the steroid. Start by adding a really tiny pea-sized amount of steroid cream to a large pot of emollient cream and stirring it in well. Add small amounts until the eczema becomes bearable.

This is not to be done lightly. It’s not ideal. Steroid medications undo the healing work of homeopathic remedies so we will usually repeat the homeopathic remedies often if you are still using any amount of steroid medication. So be sure to tell your homeopath if you are using this, and if you stop.

Chickweed creams & ointments are available online for about $20 and free postage on Amazon.

Stellaria/chickweed creams and ointments often contain almond oil, so if you or your child are allergic to nuts you will need to make the cream yourself or find a source without almond oil. To Make Stellaria Cream
Fill a cup with Stellaria [chickweed] herb. [Available via and,]

Pour on olive oil or coconut oil until you cover the herbs.
Heat to just below boiling point [carefully use a microwave or a pan on the stove].
Allow to steep and cool overnight.
Strain through a fine cloth.
Keep the oil and discard the herb.
Add small amounts of melted beeswax to the oil, testing every now and again to see how hard it sets. To do this, pour a few drops of the oil/beeswax mixture into a cold dish and allow to set.

If it sets too hard, reheat and add a little more oil.
Once it is setting well, pour the oil/beeswax mixture into a small jar and keep it in the fridge. This cream can be applied as needed to soothe eczema. It is safe to use on open skin also. It won’t sting.

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