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Awakening Radiant Health

Abigaël Âsrtid Totty BSc (Hons) Hom, RMSH, is a, Homeopath, Reiki Master teacher, Birthkeeper, & animist, who tends the Earth with rituals of belonging and ancestral remembering. Although her offerings are offered world wide, she’d like to acknowledge that her current residence resides in Prince Edward Island~ Epekwitk on unceded territory belonging to Mi'kmaq people. She is dedicated to serving the community around her as well as honoring the teachers (plant, animal, and human) that have come before her and who will continue the teachings well after… Her roots and indigenous ancestors lie in the Highlands of Scotland where she was born. This ancient culture colours her soul, and she lives her life in alignment with the Celtic wheel of the year practicing the magic of her ancestors.


Abi creates safe, sacred space, to facilitate the opportunity for you to dive deep into your soul work. Digging in to unearth the layers of fear, shame, guilt, to move through it with grace and love, to connect with your true self. She guides you on a journey of returning to yourself, offering~creating ritual and meaning in your life which are lacking. The intention is to reclaim your self-love to embody your worth, your power, your light..letting go of past conditioning.


She believes that the key to vibrant radiant health is to know and feel the magic & beauty within your being.  She facilitates healing in her practice, through the use of Homeopathy, Horses, Shamanic Reiki, Ritual & Sacred Teachings. She is a spiritual counselor, mystic & visionary. Her soul's path is to help people connect to the magic of heart-centered consciousness within their lives. Her intention is to help awaken the authentic self, so that we may remember who we truly are and live our lives- radiantly in alignment with our soul's purpose.






Abi is a true medicine woman and changing the lives of everyone she meets

I don't how or what she does exactly, all I know is that I am a changed being because of her homeopathy was a game changer for me. After much healing, I received a calling for Reiki, and just completed my Level II with her.

Abi is an incredible teacher, a master channel for healing and just an overall great human being.

We all have healing to go through. Abi is the one to help you guide you.

Mel D Canada

Amazing spiritual healer with spot on intuition. Worth every visit. I cannot say in words how she has helped and changed my path.

Krista Canada

Abi is amazing. I have been trying for many years for solutions to my health issues, one visit and one treatment from Abi has given me a whole new lease on life. She.Is.Incredible! Thank you Abi for your kindness, gentleness, support and guidance. I hope many others can experience your healing power.

Gladys Canada

My daughter got me to go see Abi Totty for help with my health issues one of my issues being severe environmental allergies that I have been living with since 1982, going into anaphelactic shock at a variety of odors. I first saw Abi early February and now being early march I have been exposed to some of my usual triggers and have had no reaction at all . I can't even put into words at how good that feels . I am on such a natural high !!!! Thank you so very much Abi !!!!!

Louise Canada

A sparkling intelligence, warm presence, and invaluable guide. Abigaël moves mountains.

Mark Canada

I don't know where to start besides to say that Abi has healed me in a way that I didn't believe was possible. Life long allergies gone in a week. Reflux and stomach issues gone in 2 days. I don't understand! I'm absolutely shocked. I feel so silly for waiting so long to go see her for treatment. She is absolutely a beautiful soul who is incredibly comforting and I can't imagine a better experience for people who are sick of being sick! She will forever have my trust. I keep telling everyone I know about her! Abi thank you so hard!

Tracey P Canada

What a wonderful experience! Abi is such a sparkling light and will help you find the light within yourself. I highly recommend a visit to see her.

Rhonda Canada

Abi is incredible and I recommend her all the time. She has helped me with so many aspects of my health and the health of my children. I’m so grateful for her healing abilities. She is an absolute genius and is so gifted at what she does.

Tracey Canada

Abi is very skilled at her craft and her Love of what she does comes through very clearly. She is deeply connected with Source and weaves many of her sacred gifts together beautifully. I have seen her for homeopathy, body/energy work and have enjoyed her women's' circles and sauna retreats. She has a very big heart and a sincere desire to be of service through Love.

Heather Canada


I credit Abi with the conception of my daughter after she very effectively treated me following the traumatic birth of my son.  She not only helped me conceive but also helped me prepare for a more positive birth experience for my daughter which ended up being a very beautiful short labour and completely natural birth. Abi's warmth and open-heartedness makes it very easy to open up and she is great at accurately getting to the heart of whatever is causing symptoms.

Harriet  UK


Working with Abi on my healing journey has been incredible- Previously i had no idea of the potency of homeopathy for healing the self on all levels. Things I thought would be with me forever have been lifted in a matter of days through Abi’s thoughtful, conscious plan for healing using homeopathic remedies. She is a kind, empathetic, and gifted healer. I would recommend her to anyone of any age who is ready to show up for themselves and get well!

Monica Canada



My Lomi Lomi massage was amazing! Sacred space was opened with prayers and Palo Santo and then the massage felt like being fully nurtured in a most caring way. There were soothing massage moves that I never experienced before in any other form of massage. I loved every moment! I arrived with a headache and left feeling light and joyful. Thank you, Abi! K

Kazzrie Canada


We had Abi as my doula back in May for the birth of our daughter. As a first-time mom, it was amazing to have her there with her knowledge and homeopathic remedies. Besides keeping me grounded and leveled she showed my husband techniques to do to help ease the pain of labor as we wanted to have a med free birth She is very loving, encouraging and nurturing. She helped me and my husband stick as close as we could to our birth plan to welcome our baby into the world all 3 days. We were so grateful to have her there for that experience

Kolby Canada


Abi is such a wonderful person. Lately, I have been off balanced and out of my norm and with her help I am now doing much better than before. She listened and she didn't criticize or make a judgement. 

She also keeps in communication with you and responds very quickly to any issues or concerns that you may have, either by email or by telephone contact.

My service with her so far was excellent. I would recommend her to anyone who may be having a hard time mentally or physically.

Kristle Bahamas


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