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Wild Icelandic Horses

Anyone who has been wounded — physically, emotionally, spiritually — and has been lucky enough to be around a horse, knows that horses are healers. Shamanic Horsemanship provides an opportunity to tune into energetic states of awareness and explore deeper realms of consciousness. This is a heart-centered approach with horses. Equine beings can support us to come into alignment with our spirit, mind, and body while feeling grounded and present. Horses offer profound teachings and insights into just being. Horses have incredible telepathic and psychic ability. They are emotionally acute and always aware. It is the combination of these qualities that make horses such magnificent teachers.

Through a combination of groundwork with horses, Shamanic Reiki healing, sound therapy, sacred smoke medicine (sage, palo-santo, copal, tree resins), crystal healing and Shamanic drumming, we can connect you deeply with the healing wisdom of the horse. These are powerful healing sessions.​

The medicine of the horse heals my soul.

Abigaël & Horses

With a successful healing practice for the last 15 years, Abigaël is an authentic healer, spiritual guide and teacher. Abi is a registered Homeopath and has an extensive background in energy medicine, shamanic healing, womb wisdom goddess work & holistic health. She specializes in assisting her clients in transforming trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, and low self-worth into self-empowerment.


Abi’s love of horses has been a lifelong calling. As a child, she ached to have horses in her life. Whilst walking or driving around the countryside little girl Abi had to go and visit with horses, the pull to be with them was overwhelmingly strong. Abi dreamt of horses all the time, she even decided early on, that she would never own a car, but a horse and cart instead. She rode and connected with horses whenever the opportunity presented itself. When Abi was in her late 20's she was given a horse with some dangerous behaviour problems, he could not be ridden and had mistrust of humans. Abi would spend time each day at liberty with Dougal in his field, they became friends and he began to let Abi become part of his herd. She was able to groom him and take him for walks, and finally gain enough trust, that he let the farrier give him much-needed pedicures. It gave Abi some much-needed confidence at that time in her life when she had none. As time went on, Abi knew that Dougal was ready to find his person, she knew that she did not have the knowledge or skills to help him any further. Dougal found an excellent human with a very experienced horsey family to support her. Dougal got over all his issues and built an amazing partnership with his new human.


The calling to share her life with a horse did not diminish; around her 30th birthday, Abi met Sebastian a little chestnut Thoroughbred who had been neglected and was in dire need of tender loving care. Abi had just ended a decade long toxic relationship, she had a lot of emotional baggage to work through . After spending a day with Sebastian, she just knew that she and Sebastian needed one another. Together Abi and Sebastian slowly healed each-other, rebuilding trust, connection, and love. They were together for four years before events in Abi's life changed dramatically and she moved to Canada.

Abi now owns two beautiful mares- Chelly and Betty, who are part of the Venture stables family. 


Jasmine and Abi met five years ago, and they have been playing, dreaming, visioning and creating methods of how to combine what they do for the benefits of their community. Together with their extensive skill set and experience they offer clients authentic horse healing sessions.  We also offer sacred ceremony circles with our equine friends as participants. These sessions are tailored to the needs and expectations of each client.

Each Monday night beginning Jan 2020 Jasmine and Abi facilitate a support group for women. 


Energy Exchange-1hr private session $120

This service may be covered by your health insurance; please contact Abi for more details

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