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Wild Icelandic Horses

 Healing with the Wisdom of Epona

The profound wisdom of Epona, the Celtic horse goddess, and the gentle spirits of my horses Chelcee, & Monty come together to offer healing and transformation. I draw inspiration from the deep connection between humans and horses, as epitomized by Epona, and the guiding wisdom of these remarkable equine companions. 

 Epona, the revered Celtic horse goddess, embodies the timeless bond between humans and horses. Her legacy signifies the harmonious union of two beings, where trust and mutual respect pave the way for profound healing and transformation. 

The Equine Healers:

 The Resilient Soul: Chelcee, a Morgan mare with a history of abuse and profound grief, stands as a testament to the incredible healing capacity of equine therapy. Her journey from pain and trauma to resilience and grace serves as an inspiration. Chelcee provides a unique form of healing, demonstrating the possibility of overcoming life's challenges and rediscovering trust.

The Boundary Illuminator: Monty, the intelligent Paint- Appaloosa, possesses a special gift for helping us identify and release the invisible boundaries we impose upon ourselves. His gentle presence encourages self-awareness and personal growth, as he guides us to recognize and transcend the limitations we create.

Horse healing sessions are designed to meet your individual needs, whether you seek personal growth, emotional healing, or a deeper connection with the natural world. The profound presence and wisdom of our equine healers facilitate personal transformation and inner peace.

The journey of healing with horses is a sacred path that has been traveled by humans for centuries. I deeply honour the legacy of Epona and invite you to experience the profound wisdom and healing power of Chelcee,  & Monty,  as they guide you on your voyage of self-discovery.

. Allow the age-old connection between humans and horses to inspire your own healing journey.

Horse Healing sessions generally take place on Mondays, or by appointment.

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