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Soul Reading

Soul readings and spiritual guidance are not your ordinary psychic readings. By tapping into your soul's energetic, I see the truth of your being and the best path to greater authenticity and full self-expression of your sovereign being. We'll cut through through the noise of the ego to bring you precise answers to life's questions. The intention is to help you conquer fear, doubt, and uncertainty to unlock your higher purpose, potential, and passion.

 During your reading, we will look into the past, present, and future for answers to life's questions. No more feeling lost and mental confusion. No more wondering what's holding you back from being in alignment with your soul's purpose. 

Your soul is the authentic core of your being. It's where your light and your shadow reside. It's where magic and alchemy happen when we learn to quiet the voice of the ego. The soul is ruled by the medicine of your heart, not your head. It holds the blueprint of our soul's purpose in this incarnation. With truth, illumination, and transformation, we will create a powerful intention to raise your vibration, your energetic frequency~Allowing your sovereignty to bloom.



I am ever~evolving in my craft as a reflection of my own process of healing and self-discovery.  As a child, I was taught the art of Palm reading by my Grandmother (yes I come from a long line of women who had the sight), she also taught me how to read playing cards. She was an amazing tea~leaf reader but I was never drawn to it.  As a teen, I dived into learning Tarot and still often use that powerful deck in my present-day readings. As my abilities progressed I realized that these oracles were just tools and that the best readings were done with a blend of reading the Soul energy and whatever else I felt called to use for the individual. My intuitive abilities are a mixed bag of all of the “clairs” (clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance), and I consider these skills fundamental to the nature of my work. I never stop opening and studying the mysteries and mystical nature of the unseen world, that liminal space where the weave of existence resides. It's in the blueprint of my soul work, to be a clear channel for the wisdom of spirit to move through me for the betterment of the web of life~All that has been~All that is~ And all that will be.

In this work and in all work may the balance be restored.


Love Exchange for 60 min Reading $75

To Book either txt 902 303 4977 or Email

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