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Shamanic Reiki

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The foundation of Shamanic Reiki is rooted in the healing tradition of Shamanism and the popular form of energy healing known as Reiki. Shamanic Reiki sessions are much more dynamic than a typical Reiki session alone. While both modes of healing are extremely beneficial by themselves, when used in combination, the power of each healing modality multiplies exponentially. Utilizing the process of the Shamanic Journey to connect with ones' spirit guides, power animals and allies in the astral realms, the healer can gain far more insight into the presenting disharmony than in a traditional Reiki session. With the help and support of these beings, she can clearly locate energetic imbalance and blockages, limiting beliefs, trauma, interfering energies, and decipher the origin of the issue at hand and address it accordingly. The energetic support and guidance from the spirit realm allow for a much deeper and more profound level of healing for the client. In addition to the laying on of hands, an aspect of a Reiki healing, the healer may also employ the use of drumming, rattling, whistling or singing to assist in the movement of energy during the session.


At the beginning of a session, intentions are set based on the client's presenting issues and the goals she has in mind. Once the client is lying on the table (or horse), the healer helps her to get into a deep state of relaxation;  in a space of peace, safety and heart-centeredness.


Some of the work that may happen during a session include, but are not limited to:

soul retrieval

power retrieval

chakra clearing and balancing

energetic extraction

cord cutting

curse removal


Shamanic Journey

amending of soul contracts

drum healings

inner child work

shadow work


The primary goal of this work is to assist each being in unraveling limiting beliefs, transforming lack and poverty consciousness, healing shame, grief, resentment and all forms of fear and supporting in the reconnection to one's authentic essence and power.

60 mins $90

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