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Reclaiming The Wise Woman 

Welcome to reclaiming the Wise Woman sisterhood circle, where women meet moonthly to dive deep into the sweet medicine of their soul, to co-create a conscious community of ceremonial beauty, the creation of art and so much more. This circle is LIMITED due to current Covid restrictions. We meet once a month mostly on a Sunday for 4 hours (Scroll down for dates).

In ancient times the ancestors gathered in circle, they honored & celebrated the passing of the seasons, the phases of the moon, great life events, menstruation, birth, death & coming of age. There were also deeper sacred rituals, where groups would gather to weave new intentions, create the magical, transform, vision & create.


In these circles, they connected to the divine, deep down into Mother Earth, and reaching high into the energies of the cosmos, star, moon, and planetary lore.

Using sacred sweats, music, dance, journey techniques the ancestors traveled deep into the realms of their soul. It was an opportunity to heal, to release, to allow transformation and receive guidance, wisdom, clarity. They would return to their communities soul nourished~restored, ready to share their medicine for the greater good.


This course is a series of womancraft circles that will explore & dive deep to awaken the wise woman that resides in each of us. Long long ago, our ancestors carried the wisdom of the ancients, the magic of star, moon, & earth lore, the stories of the land on which they belonged.

At the heart of this course is the deep exploration of the skills and practices of our ancient Indo European ancestors. The intention is to create a rich weave of all of our collective magicness, so we may spread our beautiful light to the whole web of life. So many of us lack a sense of truly belonging, a sense of meaning to our lives, by developing a right relationship with the land & other-than-humans we become rooted, grounded~we know we belong & our magic can blossom.

This will be an intimate circle of women co-creating for the greater good, loving & cherishing each other, honouring one another's journey with no judgment. This is a safe space in which you can freely explore the depths of your soul and what your wise woman came here to do. What is shared in the circle stays in the circle.


We need to share in sacred ceremony, to root us to who we truly are & remember what we came here to do.


In today's society, we are caught in fruitlessly consuming on every level. We are hyperstimulated digitally and disconnected from nature~ as a consequence disconnected from our own true natures. Humanity is on the brink of bringing about massive challenges and changes through self-destruction. It's crucial that we come back together, into a deep connection with each other and Earth consciousness, so that we might remember how to live in harmony in all ways.


One drop of water trying to inspire change is not nearly as effective as a wave of drops that come into right relationship with all that is.


Spirit has invited me to step up to this work, I am inspired to hold space and create a safe vessel for women to uncover-discover our raw, real, wild selves. Coming into right relationship with Earth and all peoples. 


Are you feeling called~

Do you have a deep yearning for sacred connection

Do you want to weave magic with other like-minded women

Are you ready to discover your wild self

Are you ready to be free

Are you ready to claim your own unique soul medicine?

DATES 2020

(subject to change)

The circles may become virtual if further Covid restrictions come into force.

Sunday Oct 4th 3.30-7.30pm 

Sunday Nov 1st 3.30-7.30pm Samhain ceremony

Sunday Dec 6th 3.30-7.30pm


Sunday Jan 3rd 3.30-7.30pm

Sunday Feb 7th 3.30-7.30pm Imbolc ceremony

Sunday Mar 7th 3.30pm-7.30pm

Sunday April 4th 3.30-7.30pm

Sunday May 2nd Beltane Ceremony





Pay in full $315 inc HST





Pay Half now Half Later $157.50 inc HST



It's important to me that all my work be accessible. If finances are a barrier please contact me so that we can make a mutually agreeable arrangement.



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