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Homeopathy in Childbirth

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

As a Doula and a Homeopath I always have my remedy kit with me. It has been invaluable countless times. I have used it to treat panic & fear, stalled contractions, ineffectual contractions, exhaustion, cervix dilation problems, back pain in labour & to promote healing following delivery. It can be easily be incorporated into your birth plan & most of the remedies are available in local health food stores. If you were to have just a few on hand I always recommend Aconite, Arnica and Chamomilla all in a 200c potency.  The following is a brief outline of the most common remedies that provide assistance and relief during labour, delivery & postpartum.

Aconite: FEAR OF DEATH, PANIC, FAST LABOUR. There is no let up between contractions and the mother feels panicked and out of control. After a fast delivery this is useful for shock, mother has big round shocked eyes. I give this remedy at the first signs of anxiety during labour so it does not grow into full on fear. I place one pill in water, sip as necessary. 


Arnica is a magic labour remedy, it gives mothers a second wind when they are getting tired, deals with bruising, & lessens the risk of postpartum bleeding. I use a 1M potency and give it at the start of labour and repeat as needed.

Chamomilla: UNBEARABLE PAINS, CURSING, AFTERPAINS IN GROIN AND THIGHS. This remedy can be angry and cursing and does not know what she wants for relief, nothing is right. The cervix can be slow to dilate and progress is slow. The greatest indication for this remedy is cursing, restlessness and does not want to be touched. 

Caulophyllum: This a  wonderful remedy for ineffectual, short irregular contractions.It helps to soften the cervix and get labour established. It is also indicated when there is fever and thirst.

Cimicfuga:  Pains and Cramps in the hips and back, they seems to fly around and change in their nature making the contraction ineffectual. The cervix remains rigid, the mothers emotional state is GLOOMY, FEARFUL, SHIVERY, FEELS FAINT.

Gelsemium: When this remedy is needed the Mother is DROWSY, TREMBLING WEAK MUSCLES , can't pull herself together, she is scared, feels like giving up, shaking & trembling, diarrhoea.

Hypericum: Shooting nerve pains, useful after a C section, Stitches, episiotomy.

Kali-Carbonicum: Irregular contractions, Back labour, posterior portion of the baby. Fearful of dying, Intense backspin better for pressure.

Kali-Phosphoricum: Exhaustion during labour mentally, emotionally, physically.

Pulsatilla: BREECH BABIES, Better for fresh air, Weak irregular contractions, slow dilation, CLINGY ,TEARFUL. May ask to go home.

Secale: Afterpains after many children, long lasting afterpains. For side effects of  Syntometrine/Oxytocin/ Ergometrine, give 200c asap.

Staphisagria: Resentment, previous negative birth experiences, Humiliation, Forceps delivery , Episiotomy (after effects).


Give a remedy until is works, once you see changes STOP the remedy, if the symptoms return, repeat the remedy. If no change after 6 doses, its not the right remedy, try something else.

The picture can change quickly in labour and several remedies may be indicated throughout the event.

Use high potencies to match the intensity of labour.

I find it helpful to put the remedies in water, its less invasive to administer them to the Mother during labour.

This information purposes only, is not intended to replace Medical advice from an MD.

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