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Aligning with the Healing path

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

As a healer I feel it's so important to try and walk my talk. I have stopped drinking alcohol regularly, I meditate every morning when I wake up to get myself aligned with my higher self. By this I mean out of the babbling, monkey mind and more focused on the heart centre of compassionate conscious living. I also try to exercise daily, barn chores, horseback riding, yoga, nature walks and kitchen disco dancing. I feed myself and my family healthy foods cooked from scratch, we try and eat organic and support our local farmers. I do all of this, because I have learned that the only way I can take care of other people is if I put myself top of my priority list and honour self care. 

There is a story about Mahatma Gandhi. One day a woman came to see him because she was very worried about her son who was addicted to sugar. She wanted to know what she could do to break him of this addiction.

Mahatma Gandhi told her to go away and come back in two weeks. She said, I live far away, and I have walked many miles to see you. Can you not help me now? He said, “No,” and sent her off. In two weeks she returned, and the woman asked him, so what have you found out in this two weeks. He said, “In order for me to give advice to you about your son and his sugar addiction, I had to cure myself first of my own sugar addiction.”

I agree that the healer must be healed in order to heal others. When patients consult with me I need to be grounded, centred, in alignment with the Source or Big mind as Dennis Merzel refers to it in his book "Big mind, Big heart." The idea is to detach yourself from the ego, to be present and hold sacred space for the client. This links beautifully with the father of homeopathy; Samuel Hahnemann's idea that the homeopath must be an unprejudiced observer to see clearly what needs to be healed in the patient.

There are so many new approaches and methodologies in the homeopathic world that seem like a the quick fix to finding the similimum, the right remedy match for the patient. Ultimately these approaches can take us too deep into over analyzing what type of remedy this person requires and I often can feel like I can't see the woods for the trees with these approaches. So I return again and again to my classical homeopathic training. 

I take the case in my grounded, centred state of mind. I begin the process of repertorization, finding the rubrics that match my patients symptoms. I then begin to study the remedies in Material Medica that cover the totality of those symptoms. This is all very scientific and requires a deep understanding of many aspects of homeopathy.

At the end of my case taking with patients I have often times felt compelled to ask the patient if I can read them on a spiritual, intuitive level. I have found that the information I receive from doing this is incredibly accurate and aids me greatly in understanding what is truly causing the dis-ease within. Using my Intuitive abilities has aided and guided my remedy selection with outstanding results. 

As a Reiki Master~Medicine Woman~Shaman I understand the concept of healing to the highest good. I focus my high intention on the healing of the person receiving Reiki to the highest good, but I have no control of the outcome, no attachment to the outcome, no personal agenda. This is because we can never know what is for the highest good of the individual, at what level they need to heal, in what order of priority. We trust, we feel their pain, let it touch our hearts and then turn it into compassion and then let the divine take care of the rest. 

I have learnt to have the same approach to the outcome of my homeopathic practise. I do my best work, and try not to be attached to outcomes. If a case does not resolve despite my best efforts I seek supervision to gain some perspective. I want people to be healed and if I get feel another modlality could be more beneficial, I will suggest this to my clients. Beyond that it's out of my hands & in the hands of great spirit. #homeopathicmedicine #naturalmedicine

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