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Fertility treatment

Liz Lalor Fertility Protocol.

Unlocking Fertility Naturally:

I  understand that the journey to parenthood can be a challenging one. Many couples face the heartache of infertility, leaving them searching for safe and effective alternatives. I proudly offer the Liz Lalor Protocol, a renowned homeopathic approach to infertility that has yielded remarkable results for many. Join us on the path to realising your dream of becoming parents, supported by the  success of Liz Lalor's methodology. 

The Liz Lalor Protocol is a groundbreaking approach to fertility enhancement using homeopathy, This methodology is rooted in the principles of individualized treatment and natural remedies, offering a holistic approach to couples facing fertility challenges.  Liz Lalor's protocol boasts an impressive success rate. According to her research and clinical experience: Over the past two decades, the Liz Lalor Protocol has helped over 80% of couples successfully conceive within 12 months of starting treatment.Of those couples, 68% achieved pregnancy within the first six months of using the Liz Lalor Protocol.

These statistics highlight the remarkable effectiveness of this homeopathic approach in supporting couples on their fertility journey. The individualized nature of the protocol ensures that each couple receives a tailored plan to address their unique needs and challenges.

How the Liz Lalor Protocol Works:


Comprehensive Assessment: A thorough assessment of both partners' physical, emotional, and psychological health, aiming to identify any underlying factors contributing to infertility.

Individualized Homeopathic Remedies: Based on the assessment, a personalized homeopathic treatment plan is created for both partners. These remedies aim to address hormonal imbalances, improve reproductive health, and support overall well-being.

Lifestyle Guidance: Lifestyle changes are an integral part of the protocol. Guidance on nutrition, stress reduction, and other factors that can significantly impact fertility.​

Ongoing Support: Throughout the process, couples receive continuous support and monitoring to track progress, adjust remedies as needed, and offer emotional support during what can be a challenging journey.

The cost for Fertility intake  session for a couple is $500 cad and includes Homeopathic remedies, please email me at to arrange your session.

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