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Sunrise at summer solstice at Mitchell's Fold, an ancient stone circle in Shropshire, on t



Unlock the profound wisdom of your ancestors and heal intergenerational trauma through this unique approach to ancestral healing. These sessions should not be undertaken lightly, it is a path of dedication and devotional work to honour and nourish the relationship with your ancestors.

During these session we use guided journey work, animistic ceremony, and homeopathy, to facilitate deep, transformative experiences that reconnect you with the timeless knowledge of your lineages.

We honour the sacred practices of ancestral reverence and spiritual hygiene, integrating animistic traditions to guide you back to the ancient wisdom that resides within.


The methods are designed to help you release inherited wounds, restore balance, and cultivate a profound sense of connection to your roots.

Theses sessions are a journey of healing and rediscovery, where the wisdom of the past illuminates the path to your future. Embrace the power of ancestral healing and step into a life of greater clarity, harmony, and spiritual alignment.

On average it take 6-8 sessions, to fully integrate and heal each of your four main linages.

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