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Sacred Sister Camp

Aug 12th-14th 2022

Come gather & weave magic

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Sacred Sister Camp

A space of co-creation and freedom to express who you are. Come just as you are, a place of non judgement. Together we weave an environment of kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love. You are invited to come gather, sleep on the land, co-create magic with your sisters, dance, sing, connect, bathe in the magic of your being. The intention of this gathering is to bring healing to the sisterhood. This is a space to disconnect from self limiting patterns, to make new connections, to allow yourself to open up and shine in a safe place. In circle around fire, we invite you to deeply listen to one another, to hear with your heart the story of your sister. In circle we do not interrupt, we empower with heart listening, in this way we truly hold space for deep transformation to take place in the sacred cauldron of sisterly love.

This is event takes place on a small privately owned animal sanctuary in the Hunter River area with horses on site. We invite you to step into creating a sister village, this might be simply be by peeling veg, collecting water, checking the toilet, tending the fire, washing dishes, host a teaching, sing a song. We invite you to show up just as you are, with no pressure to be anything else but authentic. 

Three Women

Bring your magic to the cauldron

This camp invites you to bring what you'd like to find. There are no workshop leaders, no space holders, no cleaners or cooks, no performers. no market stalls. The vision is to create a village of sacred sisterhood. What will the sisters create together? If you are a card reader, you are invited to bring and share your gift, if you are a healer and feel called to share your healing hands, then do. If you are a story teller, yogini, musician, artist, performer, poet, cook, wisdom keeper, jewellery maker, or crafter~please share if you are called too.  If you have any skills to share (Eg; showing up before event and decorating for example)-AMAZING, we want you to be inspired to BE who you are, to truly drop into the space and be moved to share your magic from the heart. Not just show up and do what you do!

If this all resonates with you, and you feel called to be amongst likeminded, loving, open sisters, then we invite you to register for this gathering. The Exchange is $150 pp

$50 non refundable deposit to hold your space

To register email

Payment plans are available, if your finances are limited but you would like to attend, please reach out!

You will need camping gear, (some extra room in tents, if you don't own one) and anything  else to make you comfortable. 

Nourishing Meals will be prepared together, A list of things of food items to bring will be sent out upon registration.

On Saturday lunch we intend to have a potluck picnic.

Babes in arms are welcome as long as they will not be a distraction to your full enjoyment of the weekend. 

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